Prison for Kids is a Los Angeles-based art-rock band formed in 2008 by César Ochoa & Christopher Dreisbach. The two met as graduate students at the American Film Institute Conservatory and quickly united over their mutual passion for both the caustic and ethereal spectra of rock 'n' roll. After years of writing and rehearsing in a soundproofed bedroom closet, the Kids released their first single "Long Gone" in 2011. More singles soon followed in anticipation of a 3 EP collection (Kitty, Dirty Numbers, It Is What It Isn't) which the band self-released in January 2013. By September, Prison for Kids already had a fresh set of songs in Ekduo, which expanded the duo's sound with new electronic textures.

2014 saw the release of Swill Purl, a post-punk odyssey guided by César's songwriting and Owen Granich-Young's production. 2015 found the band completing Ekduo's sister album, Revived Divine, after much tinkering in the studio.

From 2016 to 2017, the band performed across the Los Angeles area, released a rollicking video for their single “Business Decisions,” and started the YouTube shows Vinyl Roulette and Weird-Ass Books.

In 2018, the duo completed a successful Indiegogo Campaign to record with their hero, legendary musician/engineer Steve Albini. The recording session resulted in the Dead Kingdom EP, which the band released in June 2019.

After nearly a decade, Prison for Kids have stayed true to their eclectic, DIY roots; always experimenting and challenging themselves with new sonic possibilities.